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The pi-top computer science ecosystem is loved by teachers and students around the globe for making teaching and learning 21st-century skills fun and easy. From the standards-aligned lessons in Further, to the award-winning Raspberry Pi based  pi-top [4} and the engaging Robotics and Electronics accessory kits, this digital and physical programming system provides everything a school needs to equip their computer science and STEAM classrooms

  • Engaging standards-aligned lessons, activities, and projects take students from beginning block-based coding to advanced Python and AI programming. Perfect for CS, Engineering, Camps, and After-School Programs
  • Step-by-step teacher guides to support every teacher - from digital natives to technophobes.  TURN-KEY DELIVERY!!!!!!!
  • Easy to use content delivery platform, with classroom management and creator/editor tools.
  • Fun, extensible, and durable hands-on hardware kits that bring learning to life.
  • Robust Professional Development and training included.

With pi-top you get the best of all worlds; a high-powered full set of tools that provide hands-on and digital coding, electronics, and robotics instruction, AND multiple versatile components that easily integrate with complimentary STEM and Computer Science tools. Pi-top [4] Complete and pi-top [4] DIY Edition are at the heart of a new game-changing, Raspberry Pi-based, programmable computing ecosystem that combines digital making, coding and practical projects. With pi-top [4], educators, students and inventors get to design, code and make anything they can imagine using one simple, easy-to-use system. From beginner to superuser, pi-top powers your projects and brings learning into the real world. Comes in a Bento Box style container. Build a computer or robot and program using a variety of platforms. Perfect for gaming, agriculture, camps, and Computer Science programs. Online LMS curriculum available! Is on the PLTW list of materials.

Roamer Robotics and Accessories-Order Now for your Early Childhood and Elementary STREAM Needs! Curriculum Included at NO CHARGE! Easy and Fun to Learn and Teach!


ROAMER TOO! Roamer Too is a unique robotic platform that can be customized to enforce STREAM oriented instruction including literacy in classrooms from kindergarten to 12th grade. Roamer introduces programming to students when they are learning their ABC’s. Roamer can also reinforce language arts and math skills with little change to the robot. Perfect for literacy applications. Roamer is a tried, true, and fun method of introducing robotics and coding with or without the use of a computer. This robot will have your students roaming the classroom in success. Holmquist Educational Consultants is the North American Distributor for this product.


Midwest Technology Products

Complete technology curriculum, lab supplies, and furniture solutions, Estes Rockets, Co2 Car materials, as well as traditional industrial arts supplies, Balsa and Bass wood as well as Co2 car supplies. They have it all! Including Full Spectrum Laser Engravers, CNC Machines, and DRONES!!!!! They have solutions for Fab Labs, Makerspaces, STEAM Labs, Automotive and other CTE programs. NEW- Midwest has brought back the much loved Mobile workbenches with or without tools. We also sell Strawbees as well as a variety of other products for Augmented Reality and Traditional Welding, Woodworking, Electronics, Electrical, SawStop, Arduino, Vinyl Cutters, Metalworking, Drafting, Safety, Hand Tools, Automotive, and so much more! Please contact us for information and to receive discounted Florida quotes.


Afinia 3-D Printers, EinScan Scanners, Filament (Al Types), and Laser Engravers For All Your 3D Printing Needs!

Future Horizons Customized Curriculum from Holmquist Educational Consultants for Career and Technical K-12 curriculum that intertwines STEM oriented hands-on activities that cover multiple STEAM disciplines to enhance learning while teaching students to become life-long thinkers. All curriculum can be customized to your needs. Elementary curriculum examples include:

  • Healthcare Professional
  • Web Page Designer
  • Meteorologist
  • Computer Programmer
  • Network Control Operator
  • Electronics Technician
  • Graphic Designer
  • Production Planner (Manufacturing)
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Electrician
  • Architectural & Mechanical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineering Technician
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • GPS Navigation
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Photojournalist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Design Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Internet of Things Specialist


Customized Consulting Services

  • Expand use of applied technology to enhance curriculum with the goal of increasing student achievement.

  • Establish curriculum-oriented distance learning projects by developing partnerships with schools throughout the United States and possibly globally with the goal of increased literacy.

  • Implement interdisciplinary academic standards, frameworks, and benchmarks as appropriate to each grade level. For example: NextGen Science, Florida Math, ITEEA.

  • Develop simple tools such as a rubric for student assessment and tracking of STEM oriented activities.

  • Conduct and follow-up with a needs assessment for teachers to be performed through the professional development period.

  • Evaluate current mid or low performing academic areas for each grade level that would be served by increasing the applied technology focus.

  • Work with teachers in the classroom and 1:1 as appropriate to integrate true STEM concepts and applications into the curriculum. Perform initial classroom observations to better serve each teacher and grade level.

  • Review and evaluate new technology that might be implemented to maintain state of the art instruction.

  • Work with the principal and team on implementation of articulated curriculum.

  • Work with teachers to prepare students for STEM oriented articulation from one grade level to another.

  • Implement a plan to increase STEM community and business participation and partnerships.

It is important to us that you know that we understand the current state of the economy, and that we specialize in working together with you to meet your budgetary restraints. Feel free to contact us to receive more information from the above-mentioned companies. We look forward to speaking with you and developing a working relationship that will be of benefit to you, and your students!

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