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K'Nex Educational Products

K'nex Education

Life Science

Grades: 8-12
The wonderfully flexible K'NEX DNA, Replication and Transcription set allows students to build and learn from 10 different DNA and mRNA molecules.

Pre-Shcool Sets

3 years and up
K'NEX Education's New Pre-School Sets are specifically designed for children ages 3 - 7. Children with varying levels of manipulative skills find the big, soft, chunky pieces easy to use.

Collectable Sets

These sets make teaching with K'NEX even more affordable. Each is designed for groups of 2-3 students to work collaboratively on inquiry-based activities from physical science and structures

Match Geometry

Grades: K-5
The K'NEX Primer Math and Elementary Math and Geometry Sets are excellent tools for building fundamental quantitative skills through active, constructive learning.


Grades: 3-8
The K'NEX Bridges Sets are versatile, made from reusable materials, and turn the process of using Popsicle sticks, toothpicks and glue to teach about bridges into ancient history.

Simple Machines

Grades: 3-8
Leverage the excitement of building with K'NEX into a tool that can be used to generate enthusiasm for learning about Simple Machines.


Containing complete lesson plans and illustrated overviews of key concepts and definitions, our Teachers' Guides help you link K'NEX Education models to math, science and technology.

Amusement Parks

Grades: 5-9
The K'NEX Amusement Park Sets offer new and exciting building opportunities by allowing your students to construct and operate 3-4 huge, fully functioning models simultaneously.

Roller Coaster Sets

Grades: 11-12
The K'NEX Roller Coaster Sets are exceptional, motivating, interdisciplinary tools that teach skills that can be applied to solve real-world problems and conduct relevant investigations

Forces, Energy and Motion

Grades: 5-9
The K'NEX Forces, Energy & Motion Racer Set offers opportunities for hands-on investigations into potential and kinetic energy, inertia and friction, as well as practice in measurement techniques.

Solar Energy

Grades: 3-9
Harness the power of the sun with the K'NEX SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM. Learn about this clean, green, renewable power source that is so crucial to our future.

Space Exploration

Grades: 3-6
The K'NEX Space Exploration Set allows your students to study the accomplishments in space travel through the construction of 10 models, such as the Apollo Lunar Lander, and associated activities.


Grades: 3-6
With the K'NEX Transportation Set your students investigate land, water, air and space vehicles; explore transportation from the past and the present; and design vehicles for unknown worlds.

General Construction Sets

Grades: K-8
Prime your students with our wide selection of K'NEX general construction sets that are designed to introduce students and teachers to the versatility of K'NEX in the classroom.

Storage Solutions

Strong, compartmentalized storage trays make classroom management of K'NEX pieces efficient and effective.

TechnoK'NEX Computer Control Systems

Grades: 1-9+
TechnoK'NEX is a computer control/robotics system that allows students to learn and investigate computer control technology and programming, using large, fully functional models.

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